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Regular grooming can also help cut down on shedding and loose hair around the house, on the
furniture and even on your clothing. Have you ever noticed the amount of cat hair you collect every
day sweeping the floor? I have, as I have hardwood floor throughout my house. Now that I keep two
of my cats in a lion cut, the shedding is drastically reduced. Also - in case you didn't know - short
and medium hair cats shed more then long hair cats.


Long hair cats who aren't 'combed' frequently can develop matted hair and removing those mats
can be very painful. Please note I said 'comb' the hair, not brush. Mats often pull on the skin of the
cat becoming a constant source of discomfort, it can even restrict movement when the hair near
the legs or neck becomes tight. No air can get underneath matted hair which can cause severe
irritation and possible infection. If your cat becomes matted, arrange to have it groomed as soon
as possible, and try not to touch the matted areas. Some mats can get tight enough to tear the
skin.  The best way to avoid the whole problem of matting is to keep your cat well groomed.
Sometimes, the mats are so painful to the cat, it will not allow anyone, not even a groomer to
remove them resulting in an expensive trip to the Veterinarian for sedation and grooming.
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