Most cat lovers are familiar with hairballs and have cleaned them around the house. Professional
grooming can considerably cut down the amount of hair and bacteria ingested by cats reducing
hairballs. When cats groom themselves, they lick their coat and swallow hair and dirt. When the
hair balls up in their stomach, they end up vomiting it. Sometimes, if the cat is dehydrated or not
feeling well, the hair in the stomach can cause a blockage, ultimately needing veterinary care.
Grooming your cat on a regular basis helps avoid such problems. Keeping your cat in a lion cut,
even a short hair cat, will often remedy hairballs completely.


Regular grooming and bathing can help cut down on allergy problems. Anyone with allergies to
cat  dander is likely to notice a reduction in reactions when cats are regularly groomed.

Aging Cats:

When your cat gets older, he may not be as limber as he was when he was younger, This makes it
difficult, sometimes impossible, to reach certain areas on the body while he tries to groom
himself. This is a time when your cat will need some help with grooming. Get a comb out and help
kitty by removing all  the lose hair otherwise it may form into mats.
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